Sunday, July 2, 2017

President Trump: Keep using Twitter, you are winning

The daily news as reported by the mainstream media, as part of the Opposition Party consisting of the Democratic Party, MSM, Never-Trumps, and the Obama bureaucrats imbedded in the federal government, is an obsession with President Trump's use of Twitter and other social media.  The MSM for the most part ignore the real issues, such as nuclear proliferation by North Korea and Iran, which Obama either ignored or contributed to by giving Iran 150 billion dollars.  Instead, the MSM report on the hurt feelings of Wolf Blitzer and Joe and his sidekick Mika.
Simply put, the MSM are not used to having a Republican president telling the leftist MSM to shove it.  Aside from Newt Gingrich calling out the debate questioners during the 2012 campaign and George H.W. Bush calling out Dan Rather in 1988, the Republicans usually act like a punching bag.  The best example is George W. Bush, who failed to respond to the brutal attacks by the likes of Harry Reid and the MSM.  Currently, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan make George W. Bush look like President Trump.
President Trump knows how to communicate directly with his supporters by using Twitter and having campaign-style rallies.  His supporters like this because they see President Trump fight the MSM. 
The MSM keep "advising" President Trump that he stop the Twitter messages and the replies to the MSM because, in their opinion, it is not "presidential."  The plain truth, though, is that the MSM are afraid that President Trump is making them irrelevant, because Trump can communicate directly with his supporters, and because Trump fights back.  The MSM no longer own the playing field.
The Opposition Party is desperate.  It has no real congressional leaders.  The Dems are turning on Pelosi, and Schumer is a lightweight, as stated by President Trump, who knows Schumer from New York City.  The Opposition Party is now led by angry "comics" like Kathy Griffin, Colbert, and the "journalists" at CNN and MSNBC, and the Times and Post.

Trump, and America, is winning.  He appointed Gorsuch to  the Supreme Court, won the travel ban in the Supreme Court, reduced illegal immigration, rescinded the Paris Climate Change agreement, allowed the pipeline, and issuing executive orders to undo the harm done by Obama.
 The "Russia" story is a joke.  There is no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians nor that the Russians affected the vote.  Obama knew of Russian attempts to influence but did nothing.  Loretta Lynch is being investigated.  Bernie Sanders is being investigated.  Hillary should be investigated.  Comey all but admitted that Lynch told him to let Hillary walk.
On the tax cut and repealing Obamacare, President Trump has to rely on McConnell and Ryan to round up the votes.  It may be best to simply repeal Obamacare and let the free market offer health plans, with Medicaid handling the poor.
Simply put, Mr. President: Ignore the advice from the MSM, the cheerleaders of the Democratic Party.  They are out to destroy you.  Keep fighting, and keep using Twitter to get respond to the vicious attacks and smears.




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