Friday, July 7, 2017

The left's hide and seek with voter information

After making such a fuss about the integrity of elections, what with their Russians-hacked-the-election scenario, why are Democratic blue states now fighting federal access to voter rolls to investigate that same legitimacy they claim to care about?
These blue states are telling investigators they really don't need to know who's on those rolls.  It just goes to show they don't care about the legitimacy of elections.
In Illinois, our Democratic senator, Dick Durbin, is one of the worst.  He's trying to block information from investigators based on claims that he is concerned for the "privacy" of his constituents. 
It's typical of what Democrats do when something isn't likely to go their way.  We all know how illegal voters vote.  And every illegal vote cancels out the vote of a legitimate citizen-voter.  It goes to show that Democrats are playing a double-game with their stance on this issue.  Why again are Democrats trying to block any means to get to the bottom of this fiasco?

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