Thursday, July 4, 2013

Obama's top 10 most racist policies against white people

Despite the widespread public rejection of the left's racist Affirmative Action policies, our "post-racial" president continues imposing blatantly unfair and unequal policies on every corner of the system that openly discriminate against white people...and he is doing it without Congress, through arbitrary, lawless edicts from on high, and through the vindictive persecution of anyone who stands up for actual equality.
Let's review (as noted by Investor's Business Daily):
10) All FDIC-insured banks have now been ordered to develop hiring policies based heavily on race over qualification, and are being openly pushed to offer better lending terms for minorities "to address past discrimination."
9) HUD is now forcing suburban communities to build more low-income housing and to run ads to attract more poverty-level blacks and Latinos into their neighborhoods.
8) Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now threatening to prosecute lenders for not making enough bad loans to unqualified people and has launched investigations into every major credit reporting agency for "racial bias."
7) New rules have now been imposed that subject housing lenders to lawsuits if "too many" of their black or Latino customers get rejected for bad credit orcriminal backgrounds.
6) The lending industry has now been brow-beaten into opening up banks in terrible neighborhoods and putting aside hundreds of millions of dollars for handouts to future "victims of credit discrimination."
5) Any bank that turns down any minority student or small business owner for a loan or charges them higher rates for having worse credit or criminal backgrounds is now being strong-armed into lowering their standards.
4) Obama's Department of Education is now threatening schools with cuts in federal funding if they don't implement special disciplinary policies for black students that allow them to get away with more misconduct (seriously).
3) Obama's EEOC and Labor Department have now warned employers and federal contractors to hire more minorities and not to hire people based on whether or not they are convicted felons, because this could discriminate against black people (seriously).
2) Common Core standards are now being drafted that ban ability grouping and fast-tracking for gifted students, because they disproportionately benefit white people, and high schools are being stopped from using exams that "too many" black students cannot pass.
1) The amnesty bill recently approved in the Senate exempts employers from huge health care costs for hiring illegal immigrants who have been rewarded for breaking into our country, while leaving those costs in place for law-abiding citizens, creating a strong incentive to fire Americans and replace them with foreign criminals.
Never mind the fact that these are exactly the kind of PC, race-baiting Democrat policies thatdestroyed the economy in the first place and propelled Obama into office...just so he could turn around and reinstate them, under the always-hilarious guise of "equality."
Bottom line: Democrats will continue to fight imaginary racism with actual racism and Special Olympics standards for minorities until there is nothing left to steal from the rest of the country, and until white people are second-class citizens entrenched in just as much poverty, dependence and failure as the paranoid bigots and professional victims applauding this insanity
This is not a "post-racial" president. It is one absolutely blinded with seething bigotry and obsessed with vengeance against white people at every turn...just like the Black Panthers hemarched down the street with (and refused to prosecute for armed voter intimidation at the polls), and just like the racist lunatic he sat in the pews of for 20 years.
The book-burning tyrant-worshipers of the left may see Obama as another Martin Luther King or Jesus Christ, but those of us who haven't completely turned off our brains to celebrate "change" see what is there: another bigoted, fanatical dictator abusing his power, persecuting the innocent, and making everything about race.

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