Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pa. attorney general resigns after criminal conviction

Wow, these disgusting Scumbag Progressives are really Professional Liars. They are really demoralizing the integrity and honor of their office.

Pennsylvania's Democratic attorney general has resigned after being found guilty Monday of all nine counts in a perjury and obstruction case.
In a statement Tuesday, Kathleen Kane announced she would resign her position effective at the close of business on Wednesday.
Kane, 50, was found guilty of nine criminal charges, including leaking a 2009 grand jury probe and then lying about it in an attempt to discredit a rival prosecutor. The charges included two felony perjury counts and criminal conspiracy and obstruction.

At one point, Kane — the first Democrat to be the state's attorney general — was considered a rising star among her party. She was elected in 2012.
Other state officials, including two state Supreme Court justices, lost their job in the scandal. Though Kane lost her law license, she has remained on the job as attorney general. She did not seek re-election this year.
Gov. Tom Wolf had renewed his call for Kane to step down after the guilty charges were handed down.
"The Office of Attorney General and its employees, as well as the people of Pennsylvania, deserve to move on," the Democrat said in a statement.
Public officials in Pennsylvania convicted of official misconduct often do not have to resign until they are sentenced.
"There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything," Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy said in a warning to Kane on Monday, threatening her with immediate incarceration if she failed to follow her directions.
Judge Demchick-Alloy has not yet set a sentencing hearing. The two felony perjury charges alone each carry up to seven years in prison.


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