Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jeff Sessions accused of making racist comments 35 years ago

These F^ckwads never learn. They are trashing Steve Bannon as being a white Supremacist. He wasn't before he was in the political limelight. Now we have this Crap again from 35 years ago. These Desperate  inbred idiots on the left have no argument, so they throw out the race card!

Senator Jeff Sessions, who is reportedly a leading candidate to be attorney general or secretary of defense in the Trump administration, has been accused in a front-page article in The New York Times of making racist statements 35 years ago.
One African-American prosecutor testified that Mr. Sessions had called him “boy” and joked that he thought that the Ku Klux Klan “was O.K. until I found out they smoked pot.”
Mr. Sessions denied calling the lawyer “boy” but acknowledged or did not dispute the substance of the other remarks. Mr. Sessions said his comment about the Klan was meant as a joke and said it was so preposterous — especially since he was in the middle of prosecuting a case involving the group — that he thought nobody could take it seriously. Asked whether he ever said the N.A.A.C.P. hates white people or was “a commie group and a pinko organization,” Mr. Sessions said he could not recall specifically saying that. “I am loose with my tongue on occasion, and I may have said something similar to that or could be interpreted to that,” he testified.
This is obviously an effort by the left-wing Times to torpedo what could be the most conservative major nominee for the Trump cabinet.  My thoughts on Sessions and his alleged comments?  If Jeff Sessions really were a racist, someone would be able to bring up comments that are less than 35 years old.  He's been a public figure for a long time.  If he's been saying racist things, we would have more recent reports than that.  If no one can even claim he's said anything so terrible in 35 years, the whole thing is a non-issue.
On the other hand, if Jeff Sessions had received contributions from a group with terrorist ties like CAIR in 2006, as soon-to-be DNC chair Keith Ellison did, I would be more alarmed.  If he had said that Barack Obama was the first "clean" black man to run for president, as Joe Biden did as recently as 2007, I would also be concerned.  If he had voted for a former KKK leader for Senate majority leader for years, as Democrats did with Robert Byrd, I also would be concerned.  These would be not only more recent, but more serious actions.
But since Sessions is a Republican, and a conservative, the Times holds him to a different standard.  Remember when the Times promised to "rededicate" its efforts to honest reporting the other day?  This is the result.


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