Monday, November 21, 2016

Students Organize ‘Sh*t-In’ Protest for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

With the economy flat-lining and Countries want us dead and the exploding debt These F6cking DipShits pull a stunt like this.  This shows that we have a bunch of Week Inbred Pussies now in these Schools. If one of these Idiots got hired in a factory with a high tech job and a supervisor walked by wearing a Trump hat I wonder  if these weak pussies would go hide in the bathroom or their safe space?

Students at the prestigious University of Massachusetts, Amherst, are participating in a week-long “sh*t-in” demonstration, occupying restrooms in an administrative building to demand more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

The “sh*t-in” was led by Amherst’s Gender Liberation Union, a campus group that successfully gathered over 220 students to occupy bathroom stalls in the school’s administrative building.
Justin Killian, a gender and sexuality major at Amherst, organized the protest event. Kilian, speaking to The Huffington Post, argued that Massachusett’s transgender bathroom legislation only does so much. “We have legal protections in Massachusetts that allow people to use any bathroom they feel comfortable with,” Kilian explained. “But having the legal ability doesn’t mean cultural ability.”
“We want a third space that does not have cultural or gender surveillance,” she said.

“The administration agreed to our progressive benchmarks within two days.” Kilian said proudly. “Hormones are now available at Health Services. Before, you had to drive two hours to get them.”

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