Sunday, November 20, 2016

Remember the KKK member whose name Democrats don't mind having on monuments?

Robert Byrd served as a Democratic senator for over 50 years.  He recruited for the Ku Klux Klan, filibustered the Civil Rights Act, and voted against the Voter Rights Act.  He held great positions of power in the Democratic Party. 
I do not recall Democrats, Hollywood, or the media calling him a racist or a white supremacist.  He was the respected constitutionalist
The New York Times called Byrd a respected voice when he died.  Bill Clinton honored Byrd in his eulogy.  President Obama called Byrd a voice of principle and reason.
Everyone should remember by the way they treated Robert Byrd that Democrats, the media, and Hollywood could not care less about actual racists and white supremacists.  We do not see protests asking to take Byrd's name off roads or buildings.  The reason they go after Trump, Sessions, Bannon, and Flynn is strictly to divide the country and pit one group against the other.
When they boo and lecture Pence at the play Hamilton, they are being petulant little children.  They do not care about the truth.  We can see by the way they treat Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, and other black conservatives that they are not for inclusion.   
When the new Smithsonian museum does not have a space for Clarence Thomas, it shows that they are prejudiced against black conservatives and are willing to discriminate. 
I hope the media and Democrats do not get their way, because they are the ones who seek to divide. 
The NYT, the networks, Democrats, and Hollywood have no desire for honesty.  They seek to destroy anyone who disagrees with their ideology.


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