Sunday, January 8, 2017

Even if the Russians did it...

I've spent the past thirty days yelling these points at the TV and do not think it's helping.  It's time to get these facts out into the conversation. 
First of all, it's pretty clear Russia did not hack the DNC.  There's been a lot of whining and zero evidence, and it's clearly the establishment GOP and the Democrats making a desperate attempt to delegitimize Trump to save the status quo.
But let's say Russia did the hack.  Three important points:
1) The DNC is not part of the United States government.  Throughout the primaries, when Sanders and Trump were getting shafted, we heard constantly that the political parties are private organizations.  A hack on the DNC is not at all different from a hack at KFC for the secret recipe.  It is similar to the hack on Sony that may have been done by North Korea.  This is not a national security issue.
2) Everything WikiLeaks dropped was true.  If NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS will not tell us the truth regarding our political parties, why would it be wrong for a foreign power to tell the American people the truth?  It is so pathetic – they're making the claim that Russia violated our national security by telling Americans the truth.  If the Russians made the hack on the DNC, give them the Medal of Freedom; they exposed a pack of corrupt liars who almost took control of our government.
3) Does anyone think for a second were not doing the same stuff to the Russians?  We've done much worse in several countries.  In Nigeria, Obama worked with David Axelrod to campaign against the incumbent president to help get a Muslim elected.  In Israel, the Obamas desperately campaigned against Netanyahu.  We've done much worse than this purported hack to other countries – why are we crying the blues when a foreign power embarrasses Hillary?






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