Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Party of Old Nepotistic Hacks

Look at the leadership of the Democratic Party today.  It looks more effete, more arrogant, more isolated, more entitled, more entrenched than the political leadership of any major political party in any major democracy in modern history.
Having run the worst presidential campaign in modern history, the 69-year-old Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is now being touted to run for mayor of New York.  She was senator from New York, despite having no talent or experience beyond being the moll of a White House thug.  Then she was made secretary of state for even weaker reasons.  Mrs. Clinton is an iconic example of the Democratic Party today being little more than a party of entrenched nepotistic geriatrics. 
There is a pattern here.  Jerry Brown is the 78-year-old governor of California and has held or run for a bewildering number of offices in that state.  He has been elected governor four times, secretary of state and attorney general each one term, and mayor of Oakland twice, and then he has run, and lost, Senate and presidential races.  Brown’s father was a two-term governor of California as well, who ran for, and lost, a third term.  The dynastic connection even extends to Brown's sister, who was elected secretary of state and then was the Democrat nominee for governor of California in 1994. 
Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress thirty straight years, and her father, the Maryland political boss, “Big Tommy” D’Alesandro, who won multiple terms to Congress as well as being elected mayor of Baltimore, a job one of Nancy’s brothers won as well.  Virtually, Nancy’s whole life has been politics, like Hillary, and like Hillary, she has been able to miraculously accumulate a vast fortune running into hundreds of millions of dollars. 
New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is not old at 59, but his father was appointed New York secretary of state, then elected lieutenant governor, and then three straight elections as he was picked as governor.  Interspersed with these were unsuccessful runs for mayor of New York (the post Hillary is pondering) and an abortive run for the Democrat presidential nomination.  Andrew's brother is a CNN reporter (surprise!), and Cuomo married into the Kennedy clan, at least for awhile.
When people write about the pathetic Democrat bench, it is not just because state government is overwhelmingly in the hands of Republicans, whose party is now the training ground for future political leaders.  The pathetic Democrat bench is the consequence of entrenched geriatric nepotism.  So we are not surprised to see Mrs. Clinton thrashing around for an elective office and, of course, an elective office completely safe for a Democrat. 
Nearly all of these old Democrat politicians are lawyers – the last two Democrat presidents and their wives have all been lawyers – or have been given college degrees in meaningless and predictably easy areas for leftists, like political science or history.  Growing up in families obsessed with politics and passing through the dull ritual of useless college courses marinated in leftism and then into a long life of nothing but politics, these people are utterly incapable of grasping anything real in American life.
Making these old nepotistic hacks even more disconnected from the life of ordinary people is the fact that many of these aging Democrats have accumulated vast fortunes – Hillary and Nancy are each worth more than $100 million – without ever really doing anything.  They have no idea how wealth is created or the risk and sweat involved in that creation.
Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest are very much like the Ancient Regime before the French Revolution.  They live in a few choice coastal cities and produce nothing of value their whole lives.  They have grown up in political families and into political careers supported by a fawning media and academia.
These pampered aristocrats live in a dream world and have done so their whole lives.  When the Tea Party movement arose in 2010, these old spoiled politicians utterly missed what was happening, and when Donald Trump carried Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, these same folks were dumbfounded.  America today may well be on the verge of a political revolution the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime – and the exploitive and arrogant nobility will find their world turned upside-down.


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