Monday, January 16, 2017

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Leftist Groups Plotting CRIMINAL ACTIVITY At Trump Inauguration

Some more of the Inbred Rot Gut Bottom Feeders of the Country coming out in the daylight

On Monday, Project Veritas, the investigative team run by James O'Keefe, released a video which exposes left-wing groups planning to engage in criminal activity at Donald Trump's inauguration. In the video, a group known as the "DC Anti-fascist Coalition" is seen plotting to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration by deploying butyric acid at the National Press Club during an event scheduled for the night before the inauguration known as the "Deploraball."
"Yeah, if you had...a pint of butyric acid, I don't care how big the building is, it's closing and it's staying closed for a while too," said Luke Kuhn, a member of the Coalition. Butyric acid is essentially a stink bomb that would force an evacuation of the National Press Club.
The plotters, including another coalition member named Colin Dunn, went on to discuss trying to get the chemical into the HVAC system so that it fills the whole building.
"The best possible location to get to it is the air intake grill of the entire HVAC," Kuhn continued.
As O'Keefe notes in the video, the actions discussed are a violation of D.C. anti-terrorism laws.
Check out the undercover video above!


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