Saturday, November 5, 2016

Qatar gift to Clinton Foundation underlines blackmail potential for Bill and Hillary

It seems the media are trying to misattribute the 1 million from Qatar to the Clinton Foundation to Bill only.  If it went to the Clinton Foundation (when Hillary was SecState), the quid pro quo is likely to have been State Dept. favors.  Qatar and Saudi Arabia have now been identified as the two main ISIS funders (ISIS atrocities against civilians have been approved as jihad SOP by the Wahhabi priesthood in S.A.).
Notice that there are two attributions for the "one million dollar recipient" in the news: 1. to Hillary and 2. to Bill.  But it's all the same foundation, and money is presumably fungible.  The Saudi royals are now generally thought to be the perps for 09/11/01, and, I believe, many other terror attacks.  (See here.)
​I have previously pointed out the pedophilia blackmail risk for Bill Clinton (since Qatar and Saudi Arabia both practice quranically approved pedophilia, following the model of Mohammed).  Bill has been reported at Jeff Epstein's Lolita Island.  A blackmailable ex-president of the U.S. is powerful clout and could explain the failure by Hillary, Bill, and Obama to pronounce the word "jihad."
Alan Dershowitz is now also implicated.  ​In Britain, the leading BBC children's show host, Jimmy Savile, has now been accused of thousands of criminal sexual contacts.  Only disclosed after his death, so he was well protected by the BBC when he was doing it.  This is relevant because a pedophile in the U.K. or U.S. could simply be invited to visit Qatar, Saudi, or Indonesia (Bill Clinton) to legally practice pedophilia by Muslim standards, giving jihad plotters videotape evidence to be used in the U.S.  Jeff Epstein videotaped his sessions, and apparently Dershowitz got him off.  This practice is described in Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, and child porn is shown on the cover of Edward Said's book Orientalism (see Amazon).  Obama took classes with Said at Columbia.
It's easy enough to see Bill getting caught in a honey trap and Hillary being blackmailed as a result.  That could have been used to bring Huma and her friends into the Clinton money world, etc. 
The KGB did this with British homosexuals in the 1930s and essentially destroyed British intelligence for decades.


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